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BasicPCB Customer Projects – PCB Prototypes

“Here is a preview of an upcoming wildland fire fighting product we currently have in the works. This prototype PCB board was fabricated with a short turnaround by”

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100% U.S.A. Made Low-Cost PCB Prototyping

BasicPCB is the best solution for 100% U.S.A. made cheap PCB prototypes that are manufactured using high quality standards.  Our PCB services have been designed for hobbyists, makers, and professional electronic design engineers that need only a few pieces to test out their designs (as few as 3 pieces!) that are low cost and shipped quickly.  Since we do not manufacture our printed circuit boards offshore and have them shipped to the U.S. like other competitors, we are able to meed quickturn demands by manufacturing in the U.S.A. and shipping for FREE using the U.S.P.S.  Faster 3 day Priority shipping is available for ultra fast delivery.

For more information about BasicPCB and our printed circuit board fabrication services, please visit our website.  Check out our PCB Manufacturing FAQs»

“7 Orders Were Made, Everything Was Perfect.

Using this resource all the time, everything is perfect and fast. I like their automated file loader and layer matching. Boards quality is good.
Thank you guys.”

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BasicPCB Customer Projects – Spectrum Mouse Trap

BasicPCB customer shares printed circuit board project: Spectrum Mouse Trap

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Spectrum is an electronic mouse trap designed and built for EE90, an analog circuits project class at Caltech. The trap uses photodiodes to sense when I mouse is on the trap. IR LEDs illuminate the photodiodes, and when a mouse steps on the trap and blocks the light the trap triggers. A latching relay holds the trap in the triggered state until it’s manually reset.

When triggered, a solenoid fires and raises a curtain around the base to trap the mouse. Two LEDs connected to an astable multivibrator at the top blink when the trap is triggered. The PCBs were printed by a manufacturer called BasicPCB. Continue reading “BasicPCB Customer Projects – Spectrum Mouse Trap”

Customer’s BasicPCB Project: The DeltaK Thermal Scanner – On Kickstarter Soon

“Circuit boards came in from BasicPCB today!!! Woohoo! It was only $30 for 3 and they came in ahead of schedule. Cant wait to try out the new design…” 

-exoticelectron via

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Printed circuit board manufacturing in USA

♥ Support this Project: Coming soon to Kickstarter

The deltaK indicates temperature in real-time using a continuous tone whose pitch varies according to the current temperature being scanned versus the starting point of the scan. This makes it very easy to scan a circuit board for hot parts (or cold parts!). The closer you get to the board and the smaller the motions you make the tighter the precision gets. Its also very sensitive to temperature and can even locate studs in a wall based on the slight temperature difference, in some situations.

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“If any of my maker friends out there are looking to print PCB’s I recommend BasicPCB. I did a prototyping run and got 3 PCB’s for $18. This would have cost me closer to $150 from my normal sources.”

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U.S. PCB Manufacturer for Quick Turn Prototypes

Looking for a Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer for Your Small Quantity Runs?

Quick Turn PCB is your 100% USA PCB Manufacturer with two quick turn ordering options:  BasicSpec and ValueSpec with turn times as fast as 4 business days.

All orders are shipped free via the US Postal Service (Standard Ground) with an option to upgrade to USPS Priority – which delivers in 3 days or less (including Saturdays!).


PCB Resource: Free 3D Gerber Viewer

As we find helpful resources for PCB Prototyping, design and manufacturing, we will be posting them on our blog to share them with our users.

PCB 3D gerber viewer
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PCB Resource: Free Gerber File Viewer

As we find helpful resources for PCB Prototyping, design and manufacturing, we will be posting them on our blog to share them with our users.

PCB Prototype Gerber File Viewer
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Printed Circuit Board Resource: RMS Voltage Calculator

As we find helpful resources for PCB Prototyping, design and manufacturing, we will be posting them on our blog to share them with our users.

PCB Prototype RMS Voltage Calculator
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