Why Cheap PCB Prototypes from BasicPCB?

Designing a PCB for a product is a complex and detailed process no mater how you look at it. Placing PCBs into a finished product is not the time to discover flaws in the PCB design and determine that a major redesign is needed. This causes delays in product development and adds considerable expense. Engineering changes made later in the process are considerably more expensive for production than detecting problems earlier in the cycle.

A Cheap PCB Prototype is the answer to as rapid development of printed circuit boards to validate the function and performance of the board design. This contributes to cost reduction and lean manufacturing of the finished product. PCB prototypes can be produced by a number of specialized businesses that provide low cost and fast delivery of finished products ready for testing.

Prototyping tools are also an important factor in finding design issues before the first board is ever produced. Applying design software to detect missing files or critical issues shortens the design cycle and improves production turn-around.

Testing PCBs involves a number of critical factors:

  • Design concept – will the design hold up to Design for Manufacturing (DFM) requirements?
  • Layout functionality – is the PCB physical layout efficient or even practical?
  • Performance – does the design function as intended without errors or problems?
  • Fabrication – now that the design is proven, is it feasible for manufacturing?

Producing a prototype is the most effective means of providing a fully-functional PCB that validates both the design and the functionality of the completed design.

How to Choose the Most Effective PCB Prototype Partner?

There are many companies that can provide some basic PCB prototyping services. A company’s specific needs will help determine the right vendor for PCB purchasing. There are some important factors to keep in mind in choosing the best service:

Quality – Check online reviews for what others are saying about the company’s service and product quality.  Check how their craftsmanship compares with other PCB manufacturers.

Turn-time – Can the PCB manufacturer deliver as fast as you need without charging more for expediting?  Is the vendor located offshore and requires international shipping and customs inspections, which may cause delays?  Make sure the vendor you have selected can deliver to meet your project deadlines.

BasicPCB.com is the Best Choice for PCB Prototyping

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