BasicPCB Offers 2 layer PCB Fabrication is the best way for hobbyist, makers, and professional engineers looking for 2 layer PCB fabrication to have their boards delivered fast, with free shipping, and 100% made in the USA.

With two ordering options, ValueSpec and BasicSpec, it is really simple to place your order within the fully automated system.  Getting an instant quote is as easy as selecting the length, width, and quantity desired for your custom printed circuit board.

What is the Difference Between BasicSpec & ValueSpec for PCB Fabrication? has come up with an innovative way to offer customers much cheaper PCB prototypes without cutting corners on quality.  This great option is called ValueSpec and instead of the customer selecting the material thickness, silkscreen color, soldermask color, and other specs that may not be particularly important to the customer’s project, our automated system is able to choose the specifications that will get you the lowest price for your board.  While this option is cheaper, it also allows the customer to order as few as 3 boards!  The ValueSpec option is by far our most popular option among BasicPCB customers.

The BasicPCB option is the best option for those customers that must have a certain material thickness, finish, soldermask color, and other specifications to be predefined.  All boards built as BasicSpec will always have the printed circuit board specifications outlined and these specifications will never vary.  With this option customers know exactly what they will get each and every time.

4 Layer PCB Fabrication Coming Soon only offers 2 layer PCB fabrication at the moment, but is working toward offering customers a way to order 4 layer PCBs. will soon bring the same level of quality, speed, and ultra-low pricing to its 4 layer offering

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