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Visit Basic PCB for your low cost PCB prototype needs

Cheap PCB Prototypes Can Be of High Quality & Fast!

BasicPCB has made it easy to get high quality printed circuit boards at ultra-low prices and FAST!  US PCB manufacturers often have an option for lower cost PCBs but in order to take advantage of their lower cost of low quantity boards, customers often have to wait week in order to receive their PC boards.

With BasicPCB, customers have the choose of a 4 day turn or a 6 day turn with very low minimum quantity requirements, unlike other low cost PCB fab houses.  With our ValueSpec, you can get as few as 3 pieces and pay as low as $3 per board.

Key Benefits of Prototyping with BasicPCB

  • Get boards made in the U.S.A. and shipped for FREE via USPS
  • Get Faster shipping with USPS Priority (boards delivered in 3 days or less)
  • Avoid offshore delays and quality issues
  • Order just a few pieces (as few as 3 boards)
  • Get high quality cheap PCB prototypes!

For more information on BasicPCB services or to get a PCB quote, please visit BasicPCB.com or use the Support page to ask any questions.