Looking for a PCB Manufacturer that Provides FAST & Cheap Printed Circuit Boards?

There are many options when it comes to choosing cheap PCB manufacturers, but not all are the same.  With BasicPCB.com you can get as few as 3 pieces starting at $3 each.  They are 100% made in the USA and ship as fast as 4 days  – FREE USPS shipping!  These are not the the low-grade PCBs you may get from China…our PCBs are manufactured using high quality standards and will never be delayed for days at US Customs like other cheap PCB vendors that ship from overseas.

Many people ask how we are able to provide such high quality PCBs with such quick turn around and very low minimum quantity requirements – our answer is simple!
  • We focus only on “basic” PCB prototypes and do not offer any high tech capabilities.
  • We do not have any Sales/Acct. Managers/Regional Managers or large HR expenses.
  • Responsive online support for PCB order questions or issues.
  • Full “self-serve” online experience and automated order processing.
  • Innovative ValueSpec allows lower pricing in exchange for variable specs.

How does BasicPCB compare with other Cheap PCB Manufacturers?

Fist, our quality is unbeatable.  We have many customers that are used to ordering cheap PCBs offshore and used to the low quality they receive – so, when their first BasicPCB arrive they are surprised and have said things like this:  “…The boards were high quality and I was able to rework multiple times due to design errors on my part without lifting any pads. I just ordered the PCBs for a second design”.  We are actually a Top Rated Company by Trustpilot (a third-party eCommerce ratings provider).  Our customers have rated us 9.5 out of 10 with most of the reviews being 5 Stars.

PCBs Made 100% in the USA

Can any other US PCB Manufacturer get you a deal as good as this?  Having your PC boards made in the USA is a huge benefit.  Especially with our quick-turn focus.  BasicPCB ships as fast as 4 business days and has a Priority shipping option that gets your boards to your door in 3 day or less after shipping.

Low Quantity Requirement is Great for PCB Prototyping

Forget about having to order 10 or more of your PCB prototype.  Our service is great for the hobbyist, makers, and professionals when they need just a few printed circuit boards – VERY FAST! and without cutting corners on quality.  With Our ValueSpec choice, you have the ability to save on cost while only having to order 3 PCBs.  We select the board specifications for you to bring you the lowest possible cost.  Our BasicPCB options guarantees your board specifications while still being a great deal.


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