“Here is a picture of my 10MHz WWV TRF receiver that I designed and built last month for calibration of my frequency counter. I designed the circuit board and had it professionally etched by a company called BasicPCB.com, and here is a link to their website: http://www.basicpcb.com/ Their service was excellent (including price), and I certainly will use them again in the future.”

-BasicPCB.com Customer via Facebook

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Visit Basic PCB for your low cost US PCB Manufacturing,  fast printed circuit board prototypes manufactured in the USA.

About BasicPCB US PCB Manufacturing

BasicPCB.com started as a way to offer hobbyist, makers, and electronic design professionals a way to order very few printed circuit boards at ultra-low prices without having to deal with offshore manufacturers with poor quality and long delays.

BasicPCB offers 100% US PCB manufacturing and gets your PC boards shipped via USPS (FREE) in as little as 4 days.  The quality is BasicPCB provides is unbelievable with a responsive customer service.

How Can BasicPCB Provide 100% US Made Printed Circuit Boards at Ultra-low Prices?

Since BasicPCB only focuses on the PCB “basics”, we only offer 2 layer circuit boards with the basic specifications most will need for prototyping.  We do not offer custom quotes for special PCB specifications of processes and we do not have the capacity for high volume production.  By focusing on just the basics we are able to keep our prices low while still providing 100% US made printed circuit boards.  We have made our online ordering system totally automated and do not have any Sales Representatives, but do provide excellent customer service online via our Support page or email.

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