Many customers have asked about which PCB design software to use in order to be able to order their printed circuit boards from BasicPCB.  You can use any layout software of your choice as long as you can export your project in Gerber format to order from BasicPCB.

If you are looking for a free layout software that is easy to use, one option available for download online is called ZenitPCB.  This software is easy to use and allows you to create simple PCBs in a short amount of time and you can then export in Gerber format and check the Gerber files with its Gerber Viewer.

  • Great for Hobbyists, students, and Semi-professional PCB design
  • Limited to 1,000 pins
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On the ZenitPCB website,  the software is described as “directed to all those people who want to make printed circuit board for hobby, or to student and academics from universities or high schools, who want to create their own pcb with a professional approach and particularly without having to pay for expensive licenses.”

Have you used ZenitPCB to create your PCB design?  Feel free to comment below to let us know what you think.

Other free PCB software you may also be interested in:  

  • KiCAD
  • DesignSpark PCB