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As we find helpful tools for printed circuit board design and prototyping, we will be sharing them with you on our blog.  

AllAboutCircuits.com (also know as AAC) is one of the largest electrical engineering communities with a good mix of news, articles, contests, engineering resources, and a great forum.

pcb prototype calculator from aac
Image Source: https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/tools/trace-resistance-calculator/

One of the tools that caught our attention is their PCB Calculators for electrical engineering and electronics page.  This page has a list of very helpful calculators for printed circuit board design complete with detailed descriptions, equations, and applications laid out in a very user-friendly way.  Users can quickly fill out the required fields and hit “calculate” or dive further into the actual equation used to calculate the results and have access to articles with more information on the matter.  

Useful Calculators for Printed Circuit Board Design Found on ‘All About Circuits’

The list below, includes the PCB calculator resources available on AllAboutCircuits.com.

  • Trace Resistance Calculator
  • Stripline Trace Width Calculator
  • Microstrip Wavelength Calculator
  • Stripline Crosstalk Calculator
  • Microstrip Crosstalk Calculator
  • Edge Coupled Microstrip Impedance Calculator
  • Symmetric Stripline Impedance Calculator
  • Microstrip Impedance Calculator
  • Microstrip Max Current Calculator
  • Stripline Max Current Calculator
  • Microstrip Trace Width Calculator
  • Microstrip Inductance Calculator


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