We have out together a list of PCB manufacturing frequently asked questions for anyone looking to have their high quality printed circuit board prototypes made 100% in the USA by BasicPCB.  Our new FAQs page covers everything from how we achieve ultra-low cost PCB manufacturing to USPS shipping re-delivery.

List of Common BasicPCB Manufacturing Questions

  • How can BasicPCB offer offshore pricing on US Manufactured PCBs?
  • What is the difference between ValueSpec and BasicSpec printed circuit boards?
  • Has BasicPCB services been rated by an independent third-party?
  • Do all orders receive FREE shipping?
  • Can BasicPCB manufacture custom shape PCBs?
  • What happens if I do not submit an outline for my PCB design?
  • Does BasicPCB have cut-off times for printed circuit board manufacturing?
  • Can BasicPCB provide custom quotes for specific PCB requirements?

To see a full list of frequently asked questions, please visit our website BasicPCB.com