is has the best deal for your 100% USA manufactured printed circuit boards shipped as fast as 4 days (FREE SHIPPING) and with very low ordering quantities (get as few as 3 PCBs).  For those of you that have not yet ordered your printed circuit boards from BasicPCB, we have put together a quick video to show you how our automated PCB ordering process works.

Ordering Your Printed Circuit Board Prototypes

There are many PCB manufacturers that offer an online ordering portal where users can submit their files for processing.  BasicPCB’s online portal is different because it was designed to work like a “wizard” that quickly guides you throughout the easy 3 step process.

Quoting & Ordering Your PCBs

  • Enter the Your PCB project’s dimensions (Length and width in inches)
  • Enter the quantity of circuit boards you will need
  • Choose from the ValueSpec or BasicSpec options
  • Upload your Gerber files exported from your PCB design software.
  • Map Your PCB Layers (top soldermask, top silkscreen, top copper, bottom copper bottom silkscreen, bottom soldermark….)
  • Provide shipping and billing information & confirm your order

Click here to read our PCB prototype manufacturing FAQs.