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With BasicPCB you can get as few as just 3 boards for as low as $1.40 each and as fast as 4 days!  We ship USPS Ground for FREE and we never require discounts codes to save…you always get our lowest price.


Compare BasicPCB:

Get Clean Custom Shapes Without Added Tabs/Mouse Bites

Oshpark Circuit Boards Alternative: BasicPCB Oshpark PCB Alternative: USA Manufacturer BasicPCB

(Left: Competitor / Right: BasicPCB)


Standard Turn Time As Fast As 4 Days

oshpark competitors alternative for pcb manufacturing oshpark circuit board PCB alternative

(Left: Competitor / Right: BasicPCB)


Fast Domestic Delivery via USPS from BasicPCB

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(Left: Competitor / Right: BasicPCB)