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NEW! Now Even Lower Pricing On Our U.S.A. Made Circuit Boards has released its new LOWER PRICING on 2 layer printed circuit boards made 100% in the U.S.A.

With BasicPCB you can get as few as just 3 boards for as low as $1.40 each and as fast as 4 days!  We ship USPS Ground for FREE and we never require discounts codes to save…you always get our lowest price.


Compare BasicPCB:

Get Clean Custom Shapes Without Added Tabs/Mouse Bites

Oshpark Circuit Boards Alternative: BasicPCB Oshpark PCB Alternative: USA Manufacturer BasicPCB

(Left: Competitor / Right: BasicPCB)


Standard Turn Time As Fast As 4 Days

oshpark competitors alternative for pcb manufacturing oshpark circuit board PCB alternative

(Left: Competitor / Right: BasicPCB)


Fast Domestic Delivery via USPS from BasicPCB

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(Left: Competitor / Right: BasicPCB)






BasicPCB Customer Projects – PCB Prototypes

“Here is a preview of an upcoming wildland fire fighting product we currently have in the works. This prototype PCB board was fabricated with a short turnaround by”

basicpcb cheap prototyping service


100% U.S.A. Made Low-Cost PCB Prototyping

BasicPCB is the best solution for 100% U.S.A. made cheap PCB prototypes that are manufactured using high quality standards.  Our PCB services have been designed for hobbyists, makers, and professional electronic design engineers that need only a few pieces to test out their designs (as few as 3 pieces!) that are low cost and shipped quickly.  Since we do not manufacture our printed circuit boards offshore and have them shipped to the U.S. like other competitors, we are able to meed quickturn demands by manufacturing in the U.S.A. and shipping for FREE using the U.S.P.S.  Faster 3 day Priority shipping is available for ultra fast delivery.

For more information about BasicPCB and our printed circuit board fabrication services, please visit our website.  Check out our PCB Manufacturing FAQs»

How to Order Your PCB Prototypes from

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“…#basicpcb pcb boards made in the usa… very happy with these guys

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“Here is a picture of my 10MHz WWV TRF receiver that I designed and built last month for calibration of my frequency counter. I designed the circuit board and had it professionally etched by a company called, and here is a link to their website: Their service was excellent (including price), and I certainly will use them again in the future.” Customer via Facebook

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#BasicPCB Customer Projects via Twitter Customer via Twitter @negreeyo

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Visit Basic PCB for your low cost PCB Manufacturing PCB Quote, fast printed circuit board prototypes manufactured in the USA.

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#BasicPCB Customer via Twitter

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Visit Basic PCB for your low cost PCB prototype needs, fast printed circuit board prototypes manufactured in the USA.

Looking for a PCB Manufacturer that Provides FAST & Cheap Printed Circuit Boards?

There are many options when it comes to choosing cheap PCB manufacturers, but not all are the same.  With you can get as few as 3 pieces starting at $3 each.  They are 100% made in the USA and ship as fast as 4 days  – FREE USPS shipping!  These are not the the low-grade PCBs you may get from China…our PCBs are manufactured using high quality standards and will never be delayed for days at US Customs like other cheap PCB vendors that ship from overseas.

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Visit Basic PCB for your low cost PCB prototype needs

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