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“If any of my maker friends out there are looking to print PCB’s I recommend BasicPCB. I did a prototyping run and got 3 PCB’s for $18. This would have cost me closer to $150 from my normal sources.”

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“…#basicpcb pcb boards made in the usa… very happy with these guys

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“Here is a picture of my 10MHz WWV TRF receiver that I designed and built last month for calibration of my frequency counter. I designed the circuit board and had it professionally etched by a company called, and here is a link to their website: Their service was excellent (including price), and I certainly will use them again in the future.” Customer via Facebook

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Looking for a PCB Manufacturer that Provides FAST & Cheap Printed Circuit Boards?

There are many options when it comes to choosing cheap PCB manufacturers, but not all are the same.  With you can get as few as 3 pieces starting at $3 each.  They are 100% made in the USA and ship as fast as 4 days  – FREE USPS shipping!  These are not the the low-grade PCBs you may get from China…our PCBs are manufactured using high quality standards and will never be delayed for days at US Customs like other cheap PCB vendors that ship from overseas.

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just got my first PCBs in the mail! #BasicPCB Customer via Twitter
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